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Get Ready To Achieve Growth.

VINCE & IR - Strategy & Investor Relations services for companies expanding into global markets.


Expand your company's exposure to new pool of investors.



Make your company's messaging as clear and compelling as possible.


Ask the right - different - set of questions.



win, overcome, conquer.


Track Record of Success

We successfully identify the steps required to position an investment case of a company, achieving results such as bringing new levels of coverage and global investor interest, adapting the language through which the company presents itself, and much more.


At VINCE & IR, we apply this successful model to help companies support their global expansion and growth.


"It is rare to meet people who generate significant value from the first moment you meet them. Dina is one of them. I was very impressed with Dina's ability to quickly understand the field and market we operate in, which was completely new to her. Dina was involved in the company's decision-making process, and the insights she brought were invaluable. Dina is a significant asset to any management team."

—  Gad Marton  —

Co-founder & CEO at SoliDrip

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