Practice & Experience

With more than two decades of experience, we bring expertise of the global financial markets in various sectors and regions globally. We specialize in managing Strategy & Investor Relations services for companies expanding into international markets with the focus on bridging companies and investors across countries.

We successfully identify the steps required to position investment case of a company, achieving results such as bringing new levels of coverage and global investor interest, adapting the language through which the company presents itself, and much more. At VINCE & IR, we apply this successful model to help companies support their global expansion and growth.

Working together with VINCE & IR means you are working with a real partner. We put the human aspect first, know how to approach and build strong and trusting relationships with business counterparts for the long run. Speaking several languages certainly comes to a hand, but what in fact allows us to take anything we do to the next level is mastering how to read in between the lines across different cultures.

You will get to see results when working with us. Alongside consultancy on a broad range of business investor related matters, execution of a well-planned IR program is one of our strongest principles. Additional fundamental key that is guaranteed in our practice is confidentiality.

Track Record of Success

Turn your vision into a reality. We are here to help you plan and execute. With a proven and methodical execution, we know how to achieve results.

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Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Business relationship should never be taken for granted. In our practice, we know how to read the map, analyze and stay one step ahead. That is crucial especially at times of crisis management.

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Our unique background is what makes us stand out. Being able to speak in English, Hebrew, Lithuanian and Russian, serves our excellent communications skills across various cultures.

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It is about you, and my job is to let investors see you.

Dina Vince